Keep Paramus Moving Forward! Vote Maria Elena Bellinger and Joe Garcia for Council!

The Paramus First Team is Fighting for Taxpayers and Delivering for Residents! Now it's time to keep Paramus moving forward by re-electing Maria Elena Bellinger and Joe Garcia!

Under the leadership of Mayor Rich LaBarbiera and the Paramus First Team municipal taxes in Paramus have been reduced in each of the last two years and were kept flat for the previous three years. That's five years without any increase in taxes and with a net tax decrease! This has come without any reductions in government services, the elimination of $10 million in debt and a dramatic increase in surplus from $40,000 to $12 million. The Paramus First Team has also vigorously defended Paramus’ cherished Blue Laws to protect quality of life, created and reinstated beloved public programs like the Fourth of July fireworks and DARE Program, and fostered a greater sense of community and pride in Paramus. All of this led Moody’s Investors Service to upgrade the borough’s bond rating to AAA, which is among the highest of any municipalities in the state.

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