Always Putting Paramus First

Mayor Rich LaBarbiera and his team always put Paramus First. They fight for us and what we care about, like protecting our Blue Laws that ensure the quality of life we deserve. 

Rich, Maria Elena and Joe will never back down from a challenge when it comes to fighting for Paramus residents. They have our town moving in the right direction!

- Rich and his team have always vigorously defended our Blue Laws against any attempts to weaken them, because they know how important preventing Sunday shopping is to our quality of life. 

- Instituting automated garbage and leaf collection and expanding other resident services

- Establishing Office of Veteran's Affairs, participating in the Wounded Warrior project, creating permanent housing for disabled veterans

Midland Ave/Farview Ave Intersection improvements (clock and electronic bulletin board) funded 100% through donations

Return of 4th of July Celebration and Fireworks funded 100% through donations

- Created two Quality of life positions (2 part time employees concentrate on quality of life issues)

- Became the second town in country to designate itself as “Stigma Free”

- Instituted a police promotional process which promotes based on merit and uses standardized testing

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