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  • Thomas Bores
    commented 2018-09-25 10:15:55 -0400
    Can I get 4 lawn signs. Two are for my neighbor and cousin.
  • Aurora Kracken
    commented 2018-06-01 19:47:29 -0400
    I find it abhorrent that Michelle Robinson posted a message on the school website trying to cover her tracks and make excuses. The reality is, Ms. Robinson carefully worded her initial response because she knew that driver was not fit to drive, and certainly not with innocent lives on a school bus.

    IF Ms. Robinson was doing her job, once she received that letter on the 21st of December she would have requested the bus drivers FULL MVR abstract (which she had the right to do because she is responsible for all our kids in town) sadly, she didn’t do her job.

    Shame on the superintendent for making excuses in lieu of taking responsibility.

    She is equally responsible, negligent and at fault for this accident.
  • Joe Ambrosio
    commented 2018-01-27 12:38:13 -0500
    Ralph please email me if you get this message I have a town question to ask Thanks Joe
  • Cj Macaayan
    commented 2017-09-22 20:38:23 -0400
    Can you drop off a couple of lawn signs for us please?
  • Cengiz Cagar
    commented 2015-10-12 18:39:44 -0400
    Please drop off multiple lawn sings.
  • Steve Sabo
    commented 2015-10-10 15:05:42 -0400
  • Nathan Glotzer
    commented 2015-09-23 15:07:49 -0400
    We would like a lawn sign when you have a chance. Thanks
  • Thomas J Hickey
    commented 2014-10-14 14:08:39 -0400
    We can’t make it to the fund raiser but we c sent in a little something to help. When you have a chance, please place a sign on our lawn.

    Thank you.
  • Thomas J Hickey
    commented 2014-10-07 14:07:42 -0400
    How do we know the Paramus First “Donate” credit card facility is secure?
  • Cengiz Cagar
    commented 2014-10-06 16:38:40 -0400
    Can you drop off couple of lawn signs for me ?

    724 Nugent St.
  • Daniel Orlando
    commented 2014-10-01 15:46:58 -0400
    Could you put a campaine sign on our lawn
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