Fighting for Taxpayers

Under Mayor Rich LaBarbiera’s leadership municipal taxes in Paramus have been frozen for the last four years with absolutely no increase at all -- and this year Rich delivered a tax cut for every Paramus taxpayer! 

Paramus is heading in the right direction thanks to Mayor LaBarbiera and his team and the sound financial policies they have put in place. Thanks to their strong leadership:

- Taxes have decreased overall during Mayor LaBarbiera's term with three zero tax increase budgets and a tax cut for 2014

- The borough's long term municipal debt has been sharply decreased by over $10 million

- The municipal surplus has been dramatically increased to $9 million from only $40,000

- Moody's Investors Service upgraded the borough's Bond Rating to Aa1, which is among the highest of any municipality in the state

- Paramus has entered into many interlocal and shared services agreements with neighboring municipalities that have lowered costs and/or generated revenue. 

- The Municipal Golf Course has continued to be a revenue producer while also providing excellent recreational opportunities and winning awards

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