Paramus Mayor Rich LaBarbiera Kicks Off Re-Election Campaign

Mayor Rich LaBarbiera officially kicked off his re-election campaign by submitting nominating petitions this week. Mayor LaBarbiera, who was elected in 2010 after two terms on the Borough Council, will be running with Councilwoman Maria Elena Bellinger and Councilman Joseph Garcia.

Under Mayor LaBarbiera’s leadership municipal taxes in Paramus have been frozen for the last four years with absolutely no increase at all. This has come without any reductions in government services, the elimination of $10 million in debt and a dramatic increase in surplus from $40,000 to $9 million. Mayor LaBarbiera has also vigorously defended Paramus’ cherished Blue Laws to protect quality of life, created and reinstated beloved public programs like the Fourth of July fireworks and DARE Program, and fostered a greater sense of community and pride in Paramus. All of this led Moody’s Investors Service to upgrade the borough’s bond rating last year to Aa1, which is among the highest of any municipalities in the state.

“When I ran for Mayor I promised to stabilize property taxes, defend our Blue Laws and always put Paramus first – I am proud to say that we have delivered 100%,” said Mayor LaBarbiera. “Paramus is a special place and I’m committed to fighting to make it even better for all of us. I am extremely proud of the results we have achieved by working together over the last four years and I’m excited to continue delivering for Paramus.”

Mayor Rich LaBarbiera is a lifelong Paramus resident and a Licensed Professional Engineer. He and his wife MaryAnn have three sons who attend Paramus public schools and are involved in many community activities. Rich is a pragmatic leader with a real record of bipartisan compromise, standing up for taxpayers and getting things done for residents. Paramus has continued to flourish under his leadership, recently being named the 21st best New Jersey town to live in by New Jersey Monthly magazine.

 Mayor LaBarbiera’s running mates are Councilwoman Maria Elena Bellinger and Councilman Joseph Garcia. Councilwoman Bellinger coaches volleyball at Paramus High School and is also a lifelong borough resident. She was elected in 2011. Councilman Garcia is a successful attorney at one of the state’s largest law firms. He was appointed to a vacancy on the council created when former Councilman Joe Lagana was elected to the State Assembly last year.

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